Don’t buy your hats in Times Square

hatI mostly took a picture of This Guy to prove he wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I’m not sure why he had to travel over 100 blocks to buy a mess of paper towels since I happen to know for a fact that you don’t need any special brand of towel to clean up bong water. Any college Freshman in Marin County knows that, and seeing as this 40 year old man has chosen to dress like one, you’d expect him to be more familiar with their culture.

You can’t tell due to the low-resolution of my Apple SpacePhone’s camera, but his “gold” chain has this logo emblazoned on the dog tag (in full Technicolor). Combined with the hat (which looks like something that black Bart Simpson would wear on one of those bootleg shirts from the 90s), This Guy must really want us to know that he likes reggae but is fine being single for the rest of his life. A little on-the-nose, man… a little on-the-nose. If nothing else, the small “they only give these out at head shops” black plastic bag is enough of a signal alone.

This is nowhere near the meanest thing I’ve said about a stranger today.


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